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Logo Design
Images of varios logo designs by Mark McKenna Photographic various clients

Logos from left to right: The Cleanest Method, an environmentally conscious house cleaning company. Redwood Coast Music Festivals' Guild, for individuals who pledge $100 or more annually to RCMF. Cutten • Ridgewood Student Foundation, a non-profit set up to address state funding issues at the Cutten Ridgewood School District. Origin Design Lab, a local business that provides space and supplies to local makers of crafts and clothing.

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Graphic Design
Graphic Design Examples for Praxis FitnessPraxis Fitness Logo

Praxis Fitness had their original logo and print materials created by a designer out of the area. MM Photographic took over their day to day graphic design needs. The challenge was keeping the original design feel while moving in a different direction. Boot Camp logo and materials were designed by MM Photographic but kept the weathered paper look. The class schedule kept the weathered paper and the green stripe on the left that was part of the original materials.


MM Photographic has provided graphic design and photography to the Redwood Coast Music Festivals for nearly a decade. Graphic design work for RCMF has included posters like those shown above, signage for donation cans and bar price list, as well as designing their dining and shopping guide for use in their festival programs. Additionally, designed ads for some festival sponsors for placement in the program.

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Info Graphics
informational graphic designTIMES-STANDARD LOGO

During my tenure as the Photo and Graphics Editor of the the Times-Standard I generated several informational graphics for stories. All were done on an extremely tight deadline. From left to right: Upwelling. Ran with a story that spring winds, while annoying, actually help the fish population. Check. Ran with a story after a rash of bad checks were used locally. Photo illustration. Ran with a story on Planning Department taking months to process simple paperwork.