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Commercial Photography images of Praxis FitnessPraxis Fitness Logo

Praxis Fitness wanted something unique and cutting edge to reflect their hands on approach to fitness. Originally the client wanted the images to be in black and white, but the gym is full of color. The images were shot in color and converted to black and white. Then select colors were brought back in. Praxis Fitness is a boutique fitness facility in Eureka. The images were used on their website, in print ads and other print collateral, and email marketing.

Commercial Photography Images of Amy Lou HandbagsAmy Lou Logo

Amy Lou is a local maker of handbags and accessories. Her handbags were going on sale in a local business. After hanging the handbags on the walls she felt they need something to draw attention to them. We selected several handbags to shoot. She wanted to emphasize the stylish but semi casual nature of her handbags. The images were used to create several poster prints to accent her handbags on display.

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Product Photography images for origin design lab Origin design lab logo

Origin Design Lab wanted images of their craft supplies to use on their website, in email marketing campaigns and print advertisements. Several items were selected. The buttons were placed on one of the many fabrics they carry. The items were shot in the storefront using available light. To add emphasis all items were shot with a very narrow depth of field, giving them the blurry effect on the edges.

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Food Photograpy Imagesvarious clients

Food photography is a very difficult endeavor. It requires advanced lighting techniques and a single dish can take hours to get just right. It requires extreme attention to detail and nearly every skill a photographer has. It requires patience and planning. There's nothing worse than a bad food image. If the food doesn't look appetizing people won't want to eat it. Working closely with the chef to make sure their dish looks as good as it tastes is essential.